I guess since this is my blog you want to know who the heck I am. Hello, the name is Megan, but I also go by Meggs (yes with two G's because I am just that cool) I am a twenty-something year old who lives in an awesome 1920's little studio in which I have made my vintage and thrift finds haven.
I am a barista by day (starbucks) and a pretty laid back girl at night. Dont get me wrong, I do love my fun nights, but also enjoy sitting at home with a movie on, some sort of junk food in hand while crafting or trying (key word) trying to bake some yummy treats. So my blog is just that, me and my life. The things I do, enjoy, dream about, my daily ramblings, ranting, bitching, venting, but also creating, cooking and crafting. Im sure you will learn more of who I am with just reading my blog...I have never been good with these "about me" sorts of things. ANYWAY, thanks for stopping by, hope it wont be too long before you stop by again :)

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