Sunday, August 12, 2012

DIY: Nail polish...not for nails

I had this busted up enamel brooch I bought a long time ago at a thrift store and told myself that one day I would re-paint it and fix it up. Finally did just that! with using...say what? Nail polish!
I should of shown how busted up this brooch was but I got too eager to just start painting it! You can kind of see on the stem. Anyway, take any type of nail polish I used about four different brands of nail polish in which all worked perfectly (quick dry nail polish is a plus too!) Paint it up and let it dry. Since nail polish is already shiny (unless its matted) you don't really need a top coat but you do want the extra protection from chipping. Next on my list to try is on this necklace I have that was perfect for the attire I wore it with, but one that probably wont be worn again for ages. 


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