Monday, August 13, 2012

DIY: mini fabric journal

What you need: fabric, journal, mod podge, sponge. 
Take your journal, I used mini moleskin journals. Lay it down open on your fabric, cut your fabric leaving about an inch around. Use your sponge and lather a good amount of mod podge on front and back cover, lay fabric on the journal and press firmly (I laid a large book on top of mine for a few minutes to be sure the fabric held) use mod podge again and wrap excess fabric around the insides of the front and back flaps. Pull fabric to get it tight and smooth all around the journal (I again put a large book on top of the mini journal for a few minutes). 
After it has completely dried I added a few cute bottons, you could add any accent you want to make it even more cute if the look of the fabric isnt enough for you :) thats easy enough!


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