Sunday, September 2, 2012

Color Me Rad- San Jose

(No I dont live in San Jose)
Let me prepare you and get you ready for the greatest, funiest run EVER! okay, okay, its been my only run I've been in, BUT trust me when I say it is the best! Non-stop rainbow color explosions in your face, everyone running trying to get so much color on them all you can taste and burp is powdered corn (yes, the colors are mixed with corn starch)...your glasses get so covered you cant even see while running but that doesn't matter because all you are focused on is getting to the next color spot and rolling around in it! 
It was great, and even more great that even after the run the streets were still surrounded with people and color. We sat for brunch and more than half the people had run the same race, we brought the explosion even after the run was over! Now thats what I am talking about!


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